Panasonic has published a library of 35 new conversion LUTs available for free to Varicam and EVA1 owners as a value-add. This library of artistic looks will enable cinematographers to create unique looks with their cameras.

The new library can be found on Panasonic’s website here:

For a few examples of looks you can create, watch this video:

The library comes in three formats: .VLT for loading into VariCam cameras; E-E.CUBE for post color grading; and E-L.CUBE for monitoring LUT box devices. A preview tool is available at the bottom of the web page providing views of different LUTs applied to three different sample images – a portrait, outdoor, and indoor.

While many vendors charge handsomely for their LUT libraries, Panasonic has taken the unusual step of offering these LUTs free of charge as another incentive to shoot with Varicam or EVA1 over the competitors.