Through expert design and superior quality products, we provide systems integrations
that fit seamlessly into your organization and empower your media workflows.

Broadcast Stations

We supply broadcast solutions - from newsroom tools to complete automation systems.

True Collaboration

Our goal is understanding your business. We maintain long-term, ongoing relationships with our customers, collaborating with them to create lasting solutions, comprehensive strategy, and streamlined improvement.

Corporate Clients

Let us help leverage your company video assets and monetize their full potential.

Creative Empowerment

Enabling content creators to their fullest, we desire to provide the equipment, software, and service to allow creative professionals to do what they do best– create.

Educational Institutions

Integrating video solutions for the campus media lab and the classroom.

“Big Picture” Planning

In a constantly changing environment, it doesn’t take long for cutting-edge technology to become obsolete. That is why we research and plan to provide you with an insight into the future of media production.

Government Agencies

Knowledgeable technicians deliver reliable results every time.

Extensive Experience

With years of combined experience, we offer a technical support staff with unmatched qualifications and ability to quickly handle the most challenging service and support issues to keep your workflow functioning successfully.

House of Worship

Unlock the potential in those weekly sermons with the latest video technologies.

Certified Technicians

The TM Television technical support team maintains manufacturer certifications for comprehensive service and support of the most advanced systems hardware and software.

Sports Teams

Live production systems and asset management during and after the game.

Complete Support

Through online, over-the-phone, and in-person technical support, we offer the accessibility of a full-time technical support staff at the cost and convenience of a regular support contract.

Innovative Solutions with Reliable Support

Custom Design: Every organization is unique and requires specialized solutions to be effective. We work with you to provide end-to-end solutions that are perfectly tailored to the unique needs and goals of your organization.

Seamless Integration: After purchasing the right software or equipment for a job, successfully implementing it provides an even bigger challenge for an organization. Our experts evaluate every potential variable and work with you to successfully deploy new solutions and seamlessly integrate them into your new or pre-existing workflows.

Leading Vendors: Maintaining close partnerships with the industry’s leading vendors, we are able to offer complete solutions that draw from the very best software and equipment available, allowing us to address even the most ambitious of workflow improvements.

Our Manufacturers

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