Enabling content creators like never before with the very best in post production software and hardware, increasing efficiency, quality, and creativity.

Editing Software

A creative professional is either greatly enabled or greatly constrained by the tools he or she uses. That is why we offer only the very best in video and audio editing platforms available, allowing our customers to have complete creative freedom to produce superior quality content that stands above the rest. Our media editing partners: Avid, Adobe, and Blackmagic Design.

  • Video Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Audio Editing
  • Cloud Based Platforms

Transcoding & Automation

Seamless transcoding and powerful automation services are creating a media production environment of speed, quality, and competitiveness worldwide. To give our customers a competitive edge, we provide adapting production teams with the tools that allow them to be more creative, efficient, agile, and productive. Our transcoding and automation partners: ROOT6 Technology, Telestream (Vantage & Episode), and Imagine Communications.

  • Transcoding
  • Automation
  • Monetization
  • Distribution

Workstations & Computers

The core of your post production work relies heavily on the quality and optimization of your production workstations. With advanced computer knowledge and extensive IT backgrounds, our professionals work with leading manufacturers to custom build the most effective computers for your specific needs, as well as provide the most befitting tools necessary for your specific workflows. Our workstations and computers partners: HP, Lenovo, Avid, and Dell.

  • Optimized Computers
  • Software Specific Tools
  • Controls & Mixers

Ergonomic Furniture

Dedicated media professionals spend exhaustive amounts of time behind the screen generating meticulously-edited content. We understand the challenges associated with investing such large amounts of time to media production, and we work with our customers to provide custom, ergonomic furniture that allows maximum comfortability and efficiency so that media professionals can continue doing what they do best. Our custom furniture partners: Forecast Consoles, TBC Consoles, Winstead, Edit 5 Consoles, FEC, Chief, Middle Atlantic, Peerless, and APC.

  • Custom Built Furniture
  • Editing Consoles
  • Desks & Workstations
  • Racks & Mounts