Strategic organization and protection of valuable creative assets across the entire lifecycle of production workflows.

Shared Storage

The volume of media assets being created is growing enormously, and simplifying the organization and storage of your valuable media assets has never been more important. Providing a broad variety of leading solutions like Avid NEXIS, Quantum Xcellis Spectra Logic Verde, EMC Isilon, SNS Evo and more, we offer customizable solutions and expertise to collaboratively organize, access, and store your creative assets. Our shared storage partners: Spectra Logic, Quantum, EMC Isilon, Avid, Studio Network Solutions (SNS), Editshare, GB Labs, Tiger, and Apace.

Deep Storage & Archive

With constantly growing media file sizes and the increasing need for long-term media and data storage, it has never been more important to properly implement the correct archival technologies into organizations with valuable media assets. Our storage and archival partners: Spectra Logic, EMC, Storage DNA, SGL, Tanberg, Crossroads, Quantum, Xendata, and Sony.

RAID Technology

Video professionals are beginning to recognize the great value of implementing a RAID storage solution into an organization. Providing speed through RAID 0, secure redundancy through RAID 1, or both through RAID 5, this technology has become a critical part of storage for successful media production workflows. Our RAID partners: G-Tech, JMR, and Sonnet.