Did you know that Sony has a robust, scalable cloud platform for video and other media files?

Ci (pronounced see) was launched in 2013 and leverages Sony’s end-to-end expertise across the media landscape. The Ci Media Cloud Platform provides studios, broadcasters, filmmakers, independent producers, marketing teams and other creative individuals a “one-cloud” solution to collect, produce and archive high-value, high-definition content, allowing fast and secure collaboration on a global scale.

Forged from Sony’s proven ability to solve real-world production and post-production challenges, Ci has been designed with intuitive capabilities to analyze complex media and data to enable machine-assisted workflows—making it one of the industry’s most innovative media solutions available to professionals at any level. Pay-as-you-go pricing, infinite scalability, application-based servicing, all from a secure browser-based user interface, make it simple for people to assemble teams online, work on projects and access files from locations around the world.


The latest incarnation of Ci adds tons of new features that help expedite and improve your video production workflows.

Whether you are getting notes on a cut or simply sharing a file, Ci helps you get it done faster.


HTTP Upload

Rather than upload one file from start to finish, our advanced HTTP upload engine breaks the file into multiple pieces and uploads them simultaneously.

Aspera Upload

For paid accounts, we support the widely renowned Aspera Connect plugin, which supports pause, resume, and improves efficacy on unreliable networks.

Proxy Generation

Proxies are quietly generated on the server to allow you to quickly stream your videos without having to download the heavy full-quality file.



Create Personal or Team Workspaces to organize your content based on who needs access. Increase your storage space at any time as your needs grow.

Files & Folders

Organize files in folders so you'll know exactly where to find them later. Sort your files by date, name, or type.


Create WorkSessions and invite others to review and annotate content. It's just like reserving a suite.


Master or Proxy

It's never been easier to send that giant file to your friend or colleague. Just upload it to Ci and send a link. They'll be able to preview a proxy or download the original file.


Send multiple files in a MediaBox via email or directly to another user's Workspace.

Invite to Review

Invite others to a review session in one of the creative apps. If they don't have an account, they can easily create a free one to enter the session.


Draw on Frame

Choose from squares, circles, arrows, and a handful of colors to get get your point across. Draw directly on frame to communicate clearly and effectively.

Threaded Comments

Collaborate right in VideoReview in a social, threaded comment stream. See who’s online and get feedback quickly and easily.

PDF Export

Share your annotations and comments via email or export to PDF. It's never been easier to share your video notes with someone else.


Scalable Storage

Ramp your storage up or down at any time. Need more than 100GB? No problem, just send us an email and we can find the right solution for you.

Access Anywhere

Files stored in the cloud or accessible anywhere with an internet connnection. No need for complicated VPNs.


Store files you don't need immediate access to in archive at discounted rates. Get rid of all of your hard drive backups.


SSL Transport

Files are uploaded and download using industry-standard SSL transport protocols. We do everything we can to make sure your files are safe.

Password Protection

Want John to see that file, but not Kevin? No problem. Set a password so only the people who need access can see it.

Link Expiration

Choose a link expiration date so that you may rest assured the link will only be available for a limited time. Easily cancel links.

Ci ("see") for Yourself.

Ci supports the entire media lifecycle — from acquisition and creation through distribution and archive — providing compelling benefits for a wide range of enterprises. Whether you’re a broadcaster, production company or content owner, Ci seamlessly connects your teams and streamlines your workflow.

Ci for Productions

Ci is revolutionizing productions with high-speed set-to-cloud file transfers, simple and powerful solutions for dailies, and automatic preparation of edit-ready proxies for post. Finally, rest assured that your files are safe and secure in a cost-effective long term archive.

  • Integrate with your desktop NLE.
  • View and share securely from any device.
  • Eliminate slow and expensive physical deliveries.

Ci for Content Owners

Finally there's a way to simplify content acquisition activities. From adaptive proxies to built-in CDNs to indexed catalogs ready for monetization, Ci is designed to take the stress out of managing large libraries of content.

  • Normalize the ingest process across providers.
  • Automate elastic media processing at scale.
  • Satisfy the ever-increasing demand for storage.

Ci for Broadcasters

From customizable ingest processing to built-in high-speed Aspera transfers to hybrid archiving support with Optical Disc Archive — rest assured that Ci can help propel your stations into the network-based future.

  • Eliminate redundant activities like ingest and transcode.
  • Establish a cloud-based catalog with API support.
  • Unify linear and OTT content preparation.

Ci for Archive

From automated uploads with Ci API to index-ready metadata tags to immediate collaboration on restored assets - archiving with Ci is the logical step in ensuring your content is backed up and accessible while lowering your overhead.

  • Capture source metadata and add your own.
  • Watch preview proxies from anywhere.
  • Ship and collaborate on restored files immediately.

Have a problem? Ci has a solution.

From capture to broadcast to preservation, Ci is built with love by Sony's media professionals. We understand the "gotchas" and the bottlenecks of creative workflows. Get in touch with our Ci solution consultants today to learn how we can help you improve your workflow so you can Ci ("see") the bigger picture.




Work solo, or have an account to hop into an existing team.

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You have a team of employees and freelancers collaborating on a particular project, and might need to gather or send materials with people outside the team.

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Your organization has multiple teams and departments, and you need a more efficient way to manage people and information across them all.

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Starting at $0/mo
1 Personal Workspace
1 User
MPAA ISO 27001 Compliant

5GB 25GB 100GB

Starting at $25/mo
1 Team Workspace
Unlimited Users
MPAA ISO 27001 Compliant

5GB 25GB 100GB

Starting at $1000/mo
Multiple Team Workspaces
Network Administration
MPAA ISO 27001 Compliant


HTTP Upload
Up to 540p Proxy Streams
Basic File Sharing
Ci Mobile for iOS
Send File Requests
Online Support

Aspera Upload
Up to 540p Proxy Streams
MediaBox Tracking
Ci Mobile for iOS
Send File Requests
Online + Phone Support
Team Activity Stream

Aspera Upload
Up to 1080p Proxy Streams
MediaBox Branding + Analytics
Ci Mobile for iOS
Send File Requests
Online + Phone Support
Network Management and Analytics
Visual Watermarking
File Elements
API Support
Send to External Targets
Customizable Proxies

TM Television is an authorized reseller for Enterprise subscriptions of Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform. If your organization is interested in exploring the benefits of an enterprise subscription of Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform, please contact us today at sales@tmtel.com.