Join us for our annual media production tech expo and showcase, featuring manufacturers and product experts from across the country demonstrating the most advanced media workflow solutions in the industry.


This free, one-of-a-kind trade show will take place at the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame in Globe Life Park on September 15th and will include demonstrations of advanced workflows as well as special keynote speakers from the media production industry. All guests will receive free lunch, a chance to win some awesome prizes, and the ability to connect with media professionals from across the entire spectrum of advanced video and audio production.






10:15 am – AJA presents: A Practical Approach to IP & 4K Workflows


This informative seminar will cover AJA’s solutions to 4K/UltraHD and how they can fit into your workflows to simplify the transition to 4K. Additionally, as the industry grows into IP Video, AJA has emerged as a leader. Find out more about AJA and AIMS IP video production standards.


Presented by John Ladle, Central Territory Manager: Americas


10:30 am – Spectra Logic presents: The Future of Digital Content Archive


Content creation is exploding due to increasing camera resolutions, frame rates, and new technologies such as virtual reality. The need for low-complexity, affordable and streamlined archive becomes more and more apparent. During this session we’ll review the new hybrid storage ecosystem model, how it seamlessly integrates into workflows and accommodates massive content growth – all while proving to be an effective, fail resistant and scalable storage method.


11:00 am – Telestream Keynote

Featured guest speakers from J.C. Penny and Group 1200

12:00 pm – Sony presents: ODA


Sony will be releasing Optical Disc Archive Generation 2 products this fall. The new Gen2 Optical Disc cartridges double storage capacity to 3.3TB/cartridge, and the Gen2 drives, ODS D280U and ODS D280F, offer faster performance for both read and write over the current ODS D77U and ODS D77F drives.


Rated with a 100-year shelf life, this second-generation Optical Disc Archive solution is ideal for long-term data storage. The media is dust- and water-tolerant and is unaffected by electromagnetic interference. Gen2 Optical Disc Archive can consist of a single stand-alone drive or be configured in larger, full robotic combinations. Going forward, Optical Disc Archive can serve as the core of highly productive archive systems capable of managing and storing any type of archival assets, including valuable high-volume data such as 4K video, future-generation video, older video assets, and multimedia video content.


The presentation will cover the latest optical technologies in relation to archiving. It will focus on recent advances in optical technology emphasizing some of the inherent benefits of optical storage for long term data retention. The presentation will also look at some promising new workflow innovations in relation to Media and Entertainment applications and the implications of optical in big data markets.


1:00 pm – Avid Presents: Product Updates

A comprehensive discussion of audio and video updates from NAB and most recently, IBC. Presented by Fred Vint and Collyer Spreen.

2:00 pm – Panasonic presents: Television Production, an uncertain future, or an opportunity to grow?


A general discussion about past, current, and future production and broadcasts standards.  Is there a need / demand for 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) now,  and in the future?


2:00 pm – EMC presents: Introduction to EMC Unity


EMC’s new Unity product line sets the new standard for midrange storage with a powerful combination of simplicity, modern design, affordable price point, and deployment flexibility. Customers will love Unity for their cost-sensitive workloads.




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