About TM Television

What is TM Television?

TM Television is an organization dedicated to providing media production professionals with the tools and support necessary to manage their growing media workflows, protect their valuable creative assets, and deliver exceptional results.

Can TM Television help my organization?

If your organization creates, manages, edits, distributes, or displays large amounts of digital media, TM Television will most likely provide solutions for you.

What kind of organizations does TM cater to?

A few examples of organizations that we cater to are: 1. Corporate Media Departments (eg. retailers); 2. Media Production Agencies; 3. Houses of Worship; 4. Universities; 5. Live Entertainment (eg. sports teams); 6. News Production

What does TM Television NOT provide?

TM Television does not usually provide smaller supplies of supplementary media production equipment. We specialize in taking care of complete workflows, from end to end. For example, we wouldn’t usually supply an order for one video camera, but we would definitely supply a system of video cameras, the rigging to make them work together properly, and the software/computers to control them.

Is TM Television a manufacturer?

TM Television is not a manufacturer but is a value added reseller. We work with our partner manufacturers to provide their equipment combined with our expertise and technical support to help customers purchase, install, and utilize solutions effectively.