TM Television Pro Tools Giveaway – Texas Production Roundup 2015


I’m Sam Reyes and I live in Denton, TX.


I’m very into the Denton music scene, especially the Count Basie Band at Abbie Underground. In my free time I like to drink beer, do freelance videography, play Legend of Zelda, and tuba.


I’m currently the media specialist for Music-1st. I do live recording, editing, as well as instructional and promotional videos. Audio and Video projects have been a lifelong hobby, and as I pursued a degree in music performance, I gravitated to combining all of my artistic ability into media production.


What I enjoy about media production is the opportunity to create, motivate, and inspire the best out of performers and myself. Pro Tools will be a fantastic resource that will allow me to further my knowledge and deliver the best product to performers. My top priority is to ensure my clients are satisfied with their product.


I can’t thank TM Television and Avid enough for their amazing gift! When I was first told that I had won a copy of Pro Tools, I thought it was a prank. It’s great to know that there are companies in the world who are dedicated to advancing media production. I don’t know where we would be without companies like TM Television and Avid. Thank you!