nTier Verde: Simply Affordable File Storage

by Spectra Logic

“It is an unfortunate fact of life that as technologies mature, they tend to become more complex. Over the years, additional technologies are developed to solve evolving problems. Rarely are older features or capabilities retired, as some portion of the install base continues to use them. While the new features and technology may have real benefit, products often evolve from simple to complex over years of development. nTier Verde disk brings robust features as well as simplicity.”

“Storage systems, especially disk based ones, have seen this happen to them. Some disk systems support every possible connection protocol and cable type. Multiple advanced features start overlapping each other, all making it harder for both the
users to manage the system and the manufacture to support. Simplicity has to be built into a storage system from the ground up. To truly make a system simple to deploy, use and support, every decision during the development
process has to have an eye toward simplicity. In this paper, we will look at why simplicity is important in a storage system and how Spectra designed Verde to be one of the simplest disk systems on the market today.”



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