Evolphin and Sketch.
A Match Made In Design Heaven

  • Industrial strength version control for Sketch
  • Choice of on-premises or cloud-based collaboration
  • Deploy on-premises for Sketch collaboration with the highest security
  • Full round-trip commenting between Sketch and web-based Collections
  • Export as PDF, PNG, and more
  • Seamlessly link images and track versions with the Evolphin DAM
  • Team-driven Symbol Libraries and Library Groups Management
  • Conflict detection and fast resolution

Securely Share Your Symbol Library

Convert a Sketch symbols page into a collaborative symbol library that can be shared securely.
Design teams can access any of the symbols from within Sketch, based on user permissions, and they’ll always remain in sync. For maximum security, deploy on-premises behind your firewall and get all the benefits of cloud collaboration without any of the risks.

Easily export for review and collaboration

All artboards from all pages can be exported to Evolphin Collections where stakeholders can comment and approve.
Receive their feedback right from within Sketch so you can iterate as fast as possible. Feedback from stakeholders is pushed to the app so there’s no time lost between designing and receiving feedback.

Collaborate on the same file, at the same time

Whenever a conflict arises, the plugin will tell you and you’ll be able to choose which version should be prioritized.
Our conflict resolution dialog makes it effortless to choose between conflicting symbols. Is your version is the most up to date? Is your colleague’s version more important? Should they both co-exist? Easily choose the right answer.

Comparing existing solutions

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