Beats Headphones Winner – Tech Expo 2015

//Beats Headphones Winner – Tech Expo 2015

Congratulations to Daisy Kleine, winner of the Beats Headphones raffle during the 2015 TM Television Tech Expo & Showcase!

Daisy is from Farmers Branch, Texas and works in media production and advertising for Miller Ad Agency. When asked what she would do with the headphones, Daisy replied, “Mostly I will rub them in my boss’ face…just kidding. I’ll use them for listening to music at home and editing at the office when the office needs to be quiet.” When told she had won, she also said, “Thank you guys for hosting such a great event for us. Giving out prizes is just going above and beyond from what you guys already do.”

We appreciate you coming to the show, Daisy, and we are grateful for the partnership we have with your agency!

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